“Her art has a beauty and an ineffable dimension which is distinct from and not imitative of nature. It is the transparent artifice of her assemblages which isolates and re-contextualises each small natural element so that its beauty can be perceived.This effect is sometimes called the heightened reality of art.”

Margot Osborne 2010


May 22  collaborative community art project with  Great Lakes Council, Manning Regional Gallery and Manning River Turtle Group to coincide with International Day for Biological Diversity and International Public Art event withNature2020 . 3000 small woven turtles create a large 10x8m 'drawing' created on the banks of the Manning River, Taree Australia. 

Sept  Ephemeral Art Workshop - (cancelled due to Covid)- you can now view the entire event (not my workshop) online https://www.brunswicknaturesculpturewalk.com/ from 20-30th Sept 


Shona Wilson is a contemporary Australian sculptor, who has engaged with natural found material to create both abstract and representational 
2-D assemblages and 3-D sculptures for over 20 yrs. Shona is the creator of the One A Day Ephemeral Art Project which has inspired people worldwide.
Shona currently lives and works on the NSW mid north coast - Worimi Country - and is represented by Arthouse Gallery in Sydney and Artvisory in Melbourne Australia.

artist's statement

Bridging Art and Nature - Studio | Outdoors | Workshops.

Creating with Nature's overlooked fragments, brings me closer to understanding the world we share. These materials are storehouses of knowledge and information. They act as 'keys', unlocking doors to memory, science, history and imagination. Exploring our world through the myriad of natural found materials collected, observed or arranged in my day-to-day life is a continuing theme and motivation for my art practice. My work is an invitation to marvel and wonder at the details within nature which I present predominantly through sculptural assemblages.

The mirroring between the micro/macro world and the human/natural world captivates me, discovering  connections and resemblances everywhere. The intersects between nature, science, spirit, and creativity are potent environments to research and play within. Art making can become Ceremony - its is 'serious fun'.

In 2014 I created the One A Day Ephemeral Art Project which was delivered online and resulted in a book. I employed my studio based processes of nature based and an intimate scale but now with a spontaneous and short time frame outdoors, to create a unique Ephemeral Art process.This has become another  tool and method to explore, share and be in the world with mindful curiosity and wonder. This practice directly informs my Collaborations with Nature - Ephemeral Art Workshops.

How can we care for something we do not know?

By engaging with adults, high schools and pre-schools  and encouraging direct re-connection with the natural environment (and it's myriad materials) as a space for playful creativity and mindfulness to occur,  a potent and tangible experience is offered to enable meaningful and useful changes in perceptions and interactions within and between oneself and our environment. 


2021 - withNature2020 collaborating with Manning Regional Gallery, Mid Coast Council, Manning River Turtle Group and 36 schools and community groups. I was honoured to be part of this project and a catalyst for Australia's contribution - The Manning River Helmeted Turtle. We created a large scale 10 x 8m drawing of the turtle on the banks of the Manning River on May 22 with approx 3000 hand woven turtles by children and community groups in our local area. Well done!

This project is included in the United Nations Agenda for People and Nature.

 Screen_Shot_2021-06-09_at_4.47.04_pm_1.jpg Photo: Nick Day

2020 - Selected group shows in Atlanta USA  - RESONANCE & RESILIENCE 

Works created from my residency at The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences were included in 2 exhibitions Resonance and Resilience curated by Shannon Morris and Pandra Williams in Atlanta. Both installations What Was, What Is, What May Be and Fallen spoke to and about the state of the natural world, beauty which belies destruction, and hope for our common future. 

What Was, What Is, What May Be consisted of ten large hanging fabric prints of photographs of ephemeral artworks which traced the past, present and future growth of the secondary forest at Hambidge (Southern Appalacian Cove Forest). 

Fallen was a large scale drawing of traced fallen autumn leaves collected over the two weeks I spent in residence overlaid with a video work of a sudden gust of falling leaves against the sky which I hapened to witness there and video. Fallen suggests how I feel about our current environmental situation and through a natural event and process of the seasons, in particular Fall .


2018 - Feature in COLOSSAL