“Her art has a beauty and an ineffable dimension which is distinct from and not imitative of nature. It is the transparent artifice of her assemblages which isolates and re-contextualises each small natural element so that its beauty can be perceived.This effect is sometimes called the heightened reality of art.”

Margot Osborne 2010


Sat 30th July - BUNSWICK HEADS NSW ( date TBC)

MENDING and TENDING - COLLABORATIONS WITH NATURE  Ephemeral Art Worksop with LONE GOAT GALLERY and Byron Shire Council


2018 Collaborations with Nature workshop in Torakina Park with BNSW - pictured artwork by Shari Askew, Art and Digital Media teacher Southern Cross School of Distance Education 



Shona Wilson is a contemporary Australian sculptor, who has engaged with natural found material to create both abstract and representational 
2-D assemblages and 3-D sculptures for over 20 yrs. Shona is the creator of the One A Day Ephemeral Art Project which has inspired people worldwide.
Shona currently lives and works on the NSW mid north coast - Worimi Country - and is represented by Arthouse Gallery in Sydney and Artvisory in Melbourne Australia.

artist's statement

Bridging Art and Nature - Studio | Ephemeral  Land Art | Workshops

Creating with Nature's overlooked fragments, brings me closer to understanding the world we share. These materials are storehouses of knowledge and information. They act as 'keys', unlocking doors to memory, science, history and imagination. Exploring our world through the myriad of natural found materials collected, observed or arranged in my day-to-day life is a continuing theme and motivation for my art practice. My work is an invitation to marvel and wonder at the details within nature which I present predominantly through sculptural assemblages.The mirroring between the micro/macro world and the human/natural world captivates me, discovering connections and resemblances everywhere. The intersects between art, nature, science and spirit are potent environments to research and play within. Art making can become a ceremony.

In 2014 I created the One A Day Ephemeral Art Project which was delivered online and resulted in a book. I translated my studio based processes of creating work with natural found materials in an intimate scale to a spontaneous and short time frame outdoors, to create a unique Ephemeral Art process.This has become another tool and method to explore, share and be in the world with mindful curiosity and wonder.  This practice directly informs my Collaborations with Nature - Ephemeral Art Workshops and has recently been included in the NSW Goverenment CREATE NSW Public Art Toolkit .

My engagement with the natural world has led me to realising the disengagement many young people have with Nature. Looking to our future, a question must arise. How can we care for something we do not know? 





I am thrilled to be invited to this fellowship, to participate in an immersive residency catalysed by paleolithic rock paintings in the caves of Cantabria. Created by SMPROART team and in collaboration with The Museum of Nature Cantabria this will be an adventure into the history of humans and the language of 'Art'. Open ended and non presriptive - a chance to really stretch and explore my practice through a very unique and visceral experience. I am so grateful and excited. Thank you Andrea and Gabriel!

Seeding | Receding - PAPER & CLAY group show Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

I loved making these 2 new works exploring  different techniques and mediums for this gallery group show opening May 4 - 20.

Honouring and celebrating the diversity, beauty and promise of seeds.





COMMISSION - Shimmer  120 x120 x 7 cm 

I am excited to have now completed this commissioned artwork SHIMMER. Constucted from materials (feathers, snake skin, palm inflorescence and casaurina) collected predominantly by a family on the NSW Central Coast this work is inspired and derived from the ecosystem that surrounds them and natural materials they have found and collected. This  assemblage relates directly to the family and the place they live and love, a celebration of the natural world around them which is a source of great  joy and peace.



OCT 22 - I am very honoured and excited that my One A Day Ephemeral Art Project (2014/15) is now included, as one of the case studies, in the just released online NSW government CREATE NSW Public Art Toolkit pg 145/146. It is so wonderful to have this nature-based, small-scale and sensitive work and practice showcased amongst illustrious works and artists . I am deeply grateful to Ashley Collis for her insight and vision to embrace and include my work. 


AUG 5 - 28

I am thrilled to be a selected finalist in the Northern Beaches Environmental Art Prize - Open Category  - Works on Paper and Photography section 2022.

The Songstress - Rythmns of Regeneration is created from an image from my ephemeral art practice which was reconstructed and then  collaged with mixed media and paper.This work will be on view at Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Sydney.

A LIMITED EDITION OF 10 PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE of this work - contact shona.collaborationswithnature@gmail.com for details.


           photo : Greg Piper


 AUG 6 2022 - MAY 2023

"ART in NATURE II" at the Museum of Nature of Cantabria, Spain. Curated by SM PRO ART CIRCLE.

 LUNAR ECHO  is included in an exhibition of 40 international artists working with nature and environmental themes.

Full catalogue here 


                   'Lunar Echo' - Monument Valley 2018 - Shona Wilson 



Feature in COLOSSAL